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Colleen helps technology leaders in all designations and roles to achieve their purpose in business and tech through measuring performance to elevate and grow. 

Here’s the story of our founder, Colleen Nagle. Don’t hesitate to book a discovery call with Colleen to consider services that can elevate your business, your quest to form one, and/or your pivot in your technology career.

Colleen Nagle (LinkedIn) is a global digital native technology leader with 20+ years of experience in planning, building and running best-in-class, highly scalable, omni-channel marketing and commercial software platforms, in partnership with world-class product, user experience, data science and analytics teams.

As a technology executive on the agency and consulting side, she has partnered with top brands across industries such as REI, Sephora, WNYC and United Health Group as well as nimble D2C and start-up companies. Colleen has also held in-house executive roles for companies such as Kaltura and TA Digital and was in-house at Adobe as a Solution Architect from 2011-2013. As a web entrepreneur since her early years she has built, grown and commercialized open source and proprietary software products including early intranet systems, CMS’s and dialog computing solutions.

Colleen has led and transformed highly distributed teams across Engineering, Testing, Product Management, Analytics and Data Science with a leadership style that fosters transparency, inclusion and constant knowledge development. Her near and off-shore team building and management experience includes Canada,  South America (Chile, Argentina),  Europe (England, France, and Holland), India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Jammu, Jaipur), Israel and Singapore. 

Colleen Nagle is a DIY learner and has a proven history of learning by doing. She has recently sought to engage in a degree program to obtain an MBA at York St. John’s University in England in Leadership, Innovation, and Consulting where she hopes to engage academically and write further about her learnings.

Colleen Nagle is a thought leader in the marketing technology space and has been recognized for her contributions to California with a congressional commendation and 2009 Digital Inclusion Award from the Center for Accessible Technology for leading her team at in innovating the very first web video player to be accessible. 

When not computing, Colleen loves spending time with her spouse Irene, her cats Hari & Sally, and is happy that the vaccination stage of the pandemic is here so as to see more family & friends through some of her favorite activities such as travel, rock-n-roll, salon-like parties, and art walks through the city streets.

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