Meet Muse Platforms

Strategic Consultancy in Tech & Data Focused on Growth & Impact

Muse Platforms offers Digital Strategy & Transformation services along with Technology Assessment & Implementation to ensure yobackground serving clients such as Adobe, Orvis, Palo Alto Networks, Capital Group, and TechSoup. Colleen is a forerunner in leading international teams at Fortune 1000 companies to develop customer-led digital marketing software. Colleen drives profitable and impactful change as well as enhances competitive advantage in the delivery of cost-effective, data-driven business solutions.


We are an international group of engineers, marketers, organizers, data scientists, and creative practitioners headquartered in NYC who leverage leading platforms (e.g. Adobe Experience Platform), practice disciplines (e.g. data science, analytics, customer experience, marketing automation) and new channels (Voice, CTV) to better know your audience, maximize your performance and create differentiating business outcomes.



We connect our clients to their key purpose and objectives by using proprietary data & AI technologies, digital transformation frameworks, our partner consortium-led platforms technologies, and vetted toolsets to further their mission and be the change they want to make in society.


We enable businesses across multiple industries including ecommerce retailers, high-tech manufacturers, media & entertainment publishers, and healthcare providers to become recognized leaders in their respective fields with strong, sustainable and prosperous financial outlook.

Advisory Services for your Business

We are dedicated to achieving nothing less than helping our clients transform the performance of their businesses.

Digital Experience (DX)

Our digital experience specialists orchestrate along with a crew of visual designers, audio engineers, writers, animators, broadcasters and video creators to produce customer journeys that best represent your brand.

Analytics & Personalization

Our Architects & Analysts work with you to develop new measurement strategies for your business and translate that into actionable insight, and personalized digital experiences that meet your business objectives.

Customer Data Platforming

CDPs amplify your business by providing a 360 degree view of your customer; this enables marketers to orchestrate digital experiences across channels to meet your business objectives producing transformative.


Our strategists work with you to develop new, future-proof visions and strategies that become actionable roadmaps and journeys to create high performing digital experiences across all channels.


Our marketing architects work with you to design and develop your marketing cloud platform. We design platforms to meet your custom requirements then build to spec and for immediate ROI.


Our user experience and marketing strategists along with developers work with you to orchestrate activities so as to increase customer satisfaction and accelerate your business growth.


Voice is a natural, safe, and effective way to communicate with your customers and amongst your teams.

Muse provides voice products and services to assist our clients in connecting people to purpose through exceptional performance across channels. We combine the best of open-source technologies with our muse proprietary code and models to create your voice solutions.

Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem

Oracle Cloud infrastructure combines the elasticity and utility of public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on-premises infrastructure.

Enterprise Solution Partner

As a partner of Adobe, Muse Platforms has focused on providing innovation, strategy, engineering, and enablement of the Adobe Experience Cloud & Creative Cloud in our clients digital enterprises.

Epsilon – Marketing Pioneers

For 50+ years, we’ve helped the world’s top brands transform customer experiences into meaningful, human experiences that drive results. Our Epsilon People Cloud product suite combines industry-leading identity, data science and technology.

OUR clients say

Muse is great to work with! They are super intelligent and offer solutions that help us improve. I highly recommend.


Muse Team worked with me directly throughout the design of my business plan, target marketing plan and design of my website. They absolutely hit the nail on the head(no pun intended). Absorbing exactly what I wanted my business name to portray. Right out of the gates I felt I was in good hands.


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