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Our story

In a galaxy far far away…

We were born as tech entrepreneurs, willing to create digital products to solve big problems, and willing to do so for our lifetime. We always thought of having a formula that made sense for us, for our customers, and our projects. We found our perfect formula: a mix of consulting service and laboratory for our own product releases.

That’s how we got to build our studio and lab, that since then has not only served us to research and build products, but also is helping businesses and entrepreneurs out there to explore new opportunities and build outstanding digital ventures.

We’d love to become part of your journey with our fractional CTO/CPO support, and help you establishing the technical foundation (a solid “Muse”) for the future of your business.

From the roots, there is an entrepreneurial and driven team who is just eager to take on every new challenge we face.


Muse team is full of makers and builders, and we have a lot of fun through technology. Every member of our team has an entrepreneurial itch and looks to make great impact at Muse, its projects and clients.
We learn through making, and we're committed to explore, understand and integrate new tools, technologies and methods into our processes. Then put all our knowledge on creating game-changing products and services for clients.
We often organize internal hacking sessions where we team up with our colleagues to start trying ideas and building prototypes through different techniques. We spend time having fun and interacting with new technologies.
We're a remote and distributed team. We believe that collaboration mixed with talent can make magic happen. Our team is spread across Madrid, New York and LatAm, and we're looking forward to expand our network.
We meet from time to time to have work sessions with our colleagues or customers, get to know each other better and explore new ways of collaboration. We have team off sites a few times a year.


Case Studies

“Muse Platforms was a key partner in helping us at Orvis through a successful and seamless launch of Adobe Experience Cloud …We had been running on an older platform for 10 years and we had to start from scratch. Muse Platforms demonstrated their commitment to enabling us to grow with this new toolkit so we could be productive, and learn and direct ourselves…” -Andrew Pierce, Orvis


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We’re here to help you, whether you are beginning with your start-up, or you are facing challenges when scaling out your team, technology, and business.

If you are not sure about how to utilize our services, we can start with a quick tech due diligence to understand your pain points, define a work scope, and then start our fractional CTO/CPO involvement.

We’d love to learn more about your project.